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  • Marzena Ryonen Rey's Dharma Transmission

    Jikyo Roshi is proud to announce that she gave Dharma Transmission to Marzena Ryonen Rey on June 20, 2014 completing the 5 day ceremony that evening. Originally from Poland, and deeply involved...

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  • June 2014 Retreat and Dharma Combat

    Congratulations to all participants of the June seven day retreat held at the Hidden Valley Zen Center from June 7 to June 14. This retreat was particularly powerful as Marzena Ryonen Rey...

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  • March 2014 Retreat and Senior Student Ceremony

    Congratulations to all participants in our highly successful 7 day sesshin/retreat held from March 8-March 15, 2014 at the RP Home Temple. Full time practitioners were Nicolee and Barry Roshis,...

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  • Rohatsu Sesshin/Retreat

    Congratulations to everyone who participated in this year's 7 day Rohatsu Sesshin/Retreat. Full time participants were Roshis Nicolee and Barry, Annie Sensei, Dharma Holder Steve Aishi...

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  • Barry Roshi's October 19 Zazenkai/workshop

    Our October zazenkai/workshop on “Meditation and Koan Practice: The Ryhme and Reason of Zen” was a great success. Kaigen Roshi feels it's important for students to understand...

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