Three Treasures Zen Community

Dharma Transmission for Steve Aishi Sarian

March 21, 2016 by Barry

The Three Treasures Zen Community is proud to announce that Jikyo Roshi transmitted the Dharma to Steve Aishi Sarian on December 3, 2015 during TTZC's Rohatsu Winter Retreat held at the Hidden Valley Zen Center in Escondido. Aishi Sensei began his initial Zen training studying a few years with  Charlotte Joko Beck at the San Diego Zen Center.  Then he began training with Nicolee Roshi, was made a priest by her in the Soto school of Zen and after 22 years of consistent practice received Transmission as a Sensei from Roshi . We look forward to his teaching as he helps to establish the dharma in America.