Three Treasures Zen Community

Announcing the Three Treasures Zen Community 2014-2015 Zazenkai Workshop Series

August 21, 2014 by Barry

Beginning in the Fall of 2014, TTZC will again conduct a  three part zazenkai/worskhop series covering important topics for the modern Zen student.  The information will be presented as part of a day long zazenkai where the morning schedule, beginning at 9am, will offer zazen and dokusan. Following a potluck lunch and rest period, a workshop will be conducted.
These important workshops will answer many questions that Zen practitioners often carry around for many years without clarifying. Don't miss out on this special series. Due to the special nature of these zazenkai/workshops the fee schedule will be as follows:

  One zazenkai/workshop...............$50 members/$55 non-members
  Discounted fee for all three............$120 members/$135 non-members

Seating is limited so sign up today. You can reserve your seat  by sending a check to the TTZC address listed in the contact page of the website. Or better still, use the PAY EVENT FEE button at the bottom of the Calendar & Schedule page under the Zen Practice header of the website. Indicate on the check or with Paypal what dates you are signing up for. Sign up by September 15 to reserve your seat. If there are still openings after that date it will be offered to the general public.

October 4, 2014  9am-4pm

   “Zen and God”
                         Barry Kaigen McMahon Roshi

In this workshop Barry Roshi will explore the relationship between  traditional Zen understanding and the God concept most of us grew up with. He will begin the workshop by looking at the evolution of the God concept in both Western and Eastern traditions,  and relate how his Zen practice influenced his own thinking in this matter. He will invite all participants to share their own paths and how Zen has influenced the evolution their own spiritual understanding as related to beliefs in a higher power.

January 17, 2015    9am-4pm

     “Zen and the Dharma of Communication"
                                                            Nicolee Jikyo McMahon Roshi

Attention is one of the greatest gifts you can give to another. In this zazenkai workshop we will explore patterns of communication and attention in the following areas:

    1.)  Differences between men and women's communication styles, and how to use attention to enhance understanding. 

    2.) Some perspectives from neurobiology and practices to deepen the quality of communication.

     3.) And finally, active listening as deep practice .

February 21, 2015  9am-4pm

       "Mirrors and Windows: Practices for Re-Realizing our Energetic Condition"    

                                 Annie Purna Pirruccello Sensei

 One of the skills Zen teachers use is to help us see where we are holding energetically to some idea, preference, identity, person, story or value. When we undergo a shift in how we realize (literally make real) what we have been holding,  we often move from a rigid and limiting position to a more open plane of possibility. Unfortunately, we often don't sense where we are stuck because the energetic gripping is organizing our experience and thought in a fundamental way. Our intellects tend to work too abstractly to reveal what is happening.

In this zazenkai workshop, we will experiment with practices that can function simultaneously as mirrors for reflecting back to ourselves our own energetic condition and windows for realizing new possibilities. Please bring a voice recorder (you smart phone might be your best bet) and some writing materials. In the period prior to the workshop, take some time to get in touch with situations or patterns in your life that seem connected to your suffering.