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Marzena Ryonen Rey's Dharma Transmission

August 20, 2014 by Barry

Jikyo Roshi is proud to announce that she gave Dharma Transmission to Marzena Ryonen Rey on June 20, 2014 completing the 5 day ceremony that evening. Originally from Poland, and deeply involved in the Solidarity movement of Lech Walesa, Marzena is a classically trained actress who worked at the National Theatre of Mainz in Germany. She connected with Maezumi Roshi in the late 1980s in Europe and became an ardent student of his, commuting to the states twice a year for Ango. After Maezumi Roshi died, she studied extensively with Jikyo Roshi and Genno Roshi in Paris, as well as Bernie Glassman Roshi, Genpo Roshi, and others. We look forward to Marzena spreading the Dharma in Europe.

Marzena and Jikyo Roshi following transmission