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June 2014 Retreat and Dharma Combat

July 14, 2014 by Barry

Congratulations to all participants of the June seven day retreat held at the Hidden Valley Zen Center from June 7 to June 14. This retreat was particularly powerful as Marzena Ryonen Rey traveled from Germany to be the Head Priest, or Shuso, and to complete her Dharma Combat (Shuso Hossen) prior to receiving Dharma Transmission from Nicolee Roshi the following week. Her daughter, Noemi (age 14) also came and participated. Participants included Roshis Nicolee and Barry, Annie Sensei, Marzena and Noemi Rey, Paul Tessier, Paul Taylor, Steve Hicks, Steve Gelb, Becca Topol, Steve Sarian, Jim Rice and Ed Condit. Thanks to everyone's efforts this retreat was a great success.

Nicolee and Marzena after Dharma Combat

Retreat participants