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March 2014 Retreat and Senior Student Ceremony

March 19, 2014 by Barry

Congratulations to all participants in our highly successful 7 day sesshin/retreat held from March 8-March 15, 2014 at the RP Home Temple. Full time practitioners were Nicolee and Barry Roshis, Annie Sensei, Steve Konshin Gelb, Becca Sho-e Topol, and Jim Apramana Rice. Part time participants included Ed Junpu Condit and Dan Pack. This retreat was particularly strong as all the participants were seasoned veterans whose focus was true, and whose commitment shone through the powerful stillness. And leading the retreat was our new senior student, Shuso/Head Trainee Becca Sho-e Topol whose energy and cheerful attitude set the tone for the entire week. At the completion of the retreat, on Saturday morning, March 15 at 10am, Sho-e completed her Shuso training with the Senior Student Ceremony and Dharma Combat (Shuso Hossen), where she gave her first public talk and answered all questions directed to her by the members and guests, many of whom traveled from Los Angeles for the occasion. Thanks to everyone for making the week’s retreat and the ceremony a memorable occasion. Please check out the Photo Gallery page of our website for some great pictures.

Retreat participants