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Nicolee Roshi's September 21 Zazenkai/Workshop

September 25, 2013 by Barry

The September 21 workshop led by Nicolee Roshi was a real eye-opener for all participants. Here are few comments from the attendees.

Incredibly valuable information incredibly well presented.I have heard phrases like '"three simple powerful tools that can change your life" before, but I believe that in this case it is most likely true.

Ben Allanoff

....this  was my third encounter with Nicolee's wisdom. As the workshop on Neurobiology progressed, I learned to LIST and SOCK and even RAIN. By the time we ended, we were all one big heart. Ineffable grace surrounds Nicolee's presence, and after a while you feel like she's given you something, and you carry it with you like a sacred pebble stone to bring you serenity and peaceful remembrance. Thank you!"

Denise Rosemont

Make sure to sign up now for the October 19 workshop on "Meditation and Koan Practice. The Rhyme and Reason of Zen" where we'll directly address the very basis of Buddhist understanding and how it may be developed.

Nicolee Roshi

Workshop participants